How we preserve your masonry and stonework.

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Preserving Stonework, and Masonry.

When you have beautiful stone and it has weathered for many years the mortar may deteriorate. When this occurs you must remove the old mortar and tuck and point the new mortar in place.
Sometimes pieces of stone have to be replaced and we know the local suppliers and what they carry really well so you can feel confident that the new stonework will match. We are masonry contractors.
Nashville-removeing-mortar-from-stone to preserve stonework, Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, Nolensville TN.

Removing mortar while preserving the stone.

When removing mortar it is important to be careful not to damage the stone or brickwork. We work meticulously around stone to preserve the current look while concentrating on mortar that must be removed to make the repairs.

Matching Mortar.

With our local providers we can match just about any mortar that you may have. We will remove a piece of mortar or take careful photos and notes about the color, mix up batches and test to see which color most closely matches what you have. Mortar matching to preserve the look isn’t a problem. Get in touch with us for your project.

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