Nashville Stonework Patios

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Stonework Patios

Nashville-Stonework-Patio in Franklin TN, and Brentwood, Spring Hill, and Nolensville.

The above photo is a mix of tan flagstone and gray for a beautiful mix.

Stonework patios and walls organically pleasing

Whether you are in a kitchen and you compare granite counters to formica the mental feel is totally different, if you are in a bathroom and comparing travertine to a traditional tile shower the look and feel of the space is very different. The same thing can be said for concrete vs pavers vs anything real stone. Natural stone has variations in color, depth, texture, and it feels like nothing else. Even among natural stone there is a difference in the mental feel when the stone is diamond cut vs hand broken. With a hand broken stone you get a softer organic presence that just makes you want to unwind. Colors are important in your space and the natural variations that are present in natural stone blend well with today’s paint colors and brick.


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